I hate these things. Okay not really. I love reading them – writing them sucks. But inquiring minds must know…

Hi, I’m Jessi. I’m addicted to coffee and Facebook. It’s evil. Then again, this did all start because of my status updates so there’s some underlying genius there. But whatever – good or bad this is all Facebook’s fault.

I’m a stay at home mom whose energy level is directly affected by her caffeine intake. There are days when the only human contact I get is with people under 4 feet tall, . But more about me later.

Bug is my oldest daughter. She’s 3 – going on 16. She’s an extremely smart, outgoing (even though she likes to play shy), loud, opinionated, and beautiful child. With a questionable sense of style and crazy curly hair. She goes nowhere without her blanket (bebe), sucks her thumb, likes broccoli a little too much, and frequently quotes The Big Bang Theory. Her favorite lullaby is Soft Kitty. Literally. She also says some of the funniest things I’ve ever heard. At least I think so – so I started using her little quips and pieces of our conversations as my status updates. Other people thought they were funny, I like to write, I get bored. Viola. From the Mouth of Bug was born.

Bit is my baby. She likes Minnie Mouse, pulling her sister’s hair, and reorganizing the DVD’s. Her pregnancy was the pregnancy from hell and despite bed rest and thousands of needles she was still a preemie. And at just over 6 lbs (okay so not a particularly small preemie thanks to steroids and healthy German DNA) she was itty bitty to me, hence Bit. But that didn’t last long. Now it’s hard to believe she was a preemie – she’s also known as Stitch and Chunk.

Then there’s my other half – he answers to Marc, Daddy, and Asshole. He hates to have his picture taken and refuses to eat vegetables.  He likes soccer, UFC, and shows that annoy the hell out of me (i.e. Doctor Who, Operation Repo, and American Pickers). Marc adores his girls and is an excellent father and husband. And he can piss me off faster than anyone I’ve ever met, but I love him like crazy. His work schedule sucks and I secretly want to nominate him for What Not to Wear just to see what he’d do.  

So this blog is a little bit of everything – inspired by the mind of a child, Facebook, coffee, and sarcasm.


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